How do i change the switch thats automatically placed with Auto. Junction Placement


I turned on the setting "Automatic Junction Placement" and when I do create a junction with track, it places the default switch known as "Switch Lever", which I hate. It's an ugly asset. I prefer a different switch so how do I change what switch that the game places to that other switch?
Edit the region you use for your route. Clone the region, let's say, North American Region.
Edit the config.txt file.

Using the search and replace function in the editor:

Find the KUID for the Switch lever.
Replace that KUID with the one for the lever you want to use.

Save and close the config.txt file
Submit the asset.

I did this ages ago and it works quite well.
What "editor" are you talking about?

Notepad, or Notepad ++ if you have that installed on the PC.

Whatever the equivalent is on the Mac if you use that.

This will load automatically when you choose to edit a configuration text file. - Right-click on the asset you want to edit.
I can't find the "Switch Lever" in the kuid table.

Do I have to save the route?

Nope, tried that.
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kind "region"
username "Grid Region"
category-class "YX"
trainz-build 4.9
watercolor 14,45,45
ontheright 1
defaultjunction <kuid:-1:100553>
longitude 13,18,1
latitude 52,27,1
altitude 0
default-texture <kuid:-25:1180>
description "This region uses the standard Grid texture as a default"

image "thumbnail.jpg"
width 240
height 180
kuid <kuid2:661281:120000:1>

0 <kuid:-1:100553>
1 <kuid:-25:1180>

It is in shown in bold here. You also have to change it in the kuid table as well. Not all regions have the defaultjunction tag so you might have to add it.
If you like this switch lever

<kuid2:39134:102368:1> Switch Machine US & S

Download one of my 2 regions then just select one of the Regions from Edit Route. All new junctions will have the above switch. No programming required.

<kuid:647907:102162> CDE UK Grid Region
<kuid:647907:102143> CDE USA Grid Region
The region Germany that I'm using doesn't have a kuid for the defaultjunction. Is this a typo or another way to reference the junction lever? There is also no equivalent entry in the kuid table.

username "Germany"
category-class "YX"
kind "region"
kuid <kuid:-25:561>

0 <kuid:-1:7808>
region "Germany"
watercolor 70,135,140
ontheright 1
defaultjunction 101240
longitude 13,18,1
latitude 52,27,1
altitude 0
defaultjunction 101240 is the same as defaultjunction <kuid:-1:101240>. That's a really old form of the kuid for builtins.

In 122411
Two strangenesses.
1: I don't have any junction lever with a kuid -1:101240 installed. Don't even see it in All Content which is supposed to include the DLS stuff.
2: I am able to add my own junction lever. It appears when I start to place a junction but as soon as I complete the new section of track, the lever disappears. Closed and started another new route and now it works
I can replace another existing lever and also manually place my lever so the object is OK
In the config file, does it matter what label is used for the kuid for the lever?
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