N3V I am Playing hell with the WATER.....ugh


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I am really having a problem with water in Surveyor 2.0. I made a water layer, [Brush Tool-Edit Effect Layers-Add a new effect layer] but all I did was select water from Effect Type, the choices of TurfFX, Clutter, Water. I gave it a name and clicked on the check mark, ok. The river I had made -15m into the ground filled up with water immediately, up to the 0m level land. Nice I thought. I thought I needed to paint the water in. Now trying to set the water height -3m below the surface. I can Set Height (Height -3m) and increase the brush radius really large and paste the water height. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the water height. Also, I still have some water edges that are not filled in and I cannot figure out how to fill these spots in. If you know, let me know. This turned out to be hell a lot of work, which tells me something is not right. This is not TRS22+ intention, I am sure. I have not yet figured out how to change the connected water height, like you would normally do in classic. I deleted the water layer from my route and went to the classic edit mode. Now after starting to fill the river with water I wanted to change the water color. That bright light blue was too much! This revealed another problem, the set water color I put in will not stay. Saved the route and it resets to the default color. I repeated this several times. A couple of times the water color stayed at what I set it, but eventually it would go back to the original default settings.

Anyways, I have not seen alot of comments about water. I can't be the only one.
If you already have water in your route? Use the import legacy water option in the layer instead of water. Once you have set the height you need to check which brush setting you have.
Select the Paste Brush and then below that you have two more brushes, the top one you select water. the bottom one you have a choice.
Height up = Rases the water beneath the brush, same as raising terrain.
Height down = Lowers the water beneath the brush, same as lowering terrain.
Set height = Pastes water at the set height you have selected.
Grade = This will paste water with a grade like rivers going downhill.
Bulk height = Alters all water of the same level you selected up or down.
Stagecoach, yeah, know and done that. Thats why I was trying to be very detailed of all the tools I was using in the exact order so all can see this is what I did. This is a new route and first time with water using TRS22+. I think you really missed what I was saying. The water automatically placed when the water layer was made. Sure, I can lower and raise the water under the brush. The water that was automatically placed is big, very long and wide. And I said, that was a lot of work to paste the height.

And how do you 'select' the water?
Tried using bulk to see what it actually will do. That is screwed up too..monitor freezes up and gotta do game restart. This water sucks....