Horseshoe Curve missing dependencies

I'm in need of the dependencies below but can't find them outside of the download station
<kuid2:45324:24851:1> MG Tower (modern) • "Packaged", from "Coal Country", and from JR's "Monongahela & Western Pennsylvania"
<kuid2:156765:100440:2> Sign NS Milepost • "Packaged", from "Tidewater Point Rail v3" and "Legacy of the Burlington Northern v2", and from JR's "Eagle River Railway" & "Monongahela & Western Pennsylvania"
<kuid:175455:101318> JR DRM Co. Small Scale House • "Packaged", from "Coal Country" and "C&O Hinton Division", and from JR's "Eagle River Railway"
<kuid:175455:101405> JR Open Shed • "Packaged", from "Coal Country" and "Bairnsdale to Orbost Line C1970-80s", and from "Eagle River Railway" (JR) & "Hawaii Railway"
<kuid:175455:101710> JR Northpoint Fire Dept • "Packaged", from "Tidewater Point Rail v3", and from JR's "Eagle River Railway" & "Dry Brook & Esopus Valley RR"
<kuid:175455:200037> JR 1 Span Plate Girder Bridge • "Packaged", from "Coal Country"