High CPU usage leads to earbuds disconnecting?


Hello, y'all. As of late, i've had an issue that's bugging the heck out of me. And before i start, i'd like to say that i have no actual speakers. The decade old ones i had finally died back in January, so my only source of audio on the computer since then has been earbuds (Not in a good financial state right now, but this isn't the place to talk about that). At first, i plugged them in the back audio panel, but in the last two months, i've plugged them in the front audio jack now that's there more space, and also so i'll no longer have to worry about yanking them out. Everything's been fine since, except for Trainz. Whenever i'm in Quick Drive on certain routes (UMR-2016, Canadian Rocky Mountains, RS&P to name a few), and the CPU usage gets to a certain point, the earbud audio will go out, and Windows will tell me i've unplugged a device from the audio jack for a second, before telling me i've plugged something in. I'll press OK every time, and it'll cut out again after a minute (at the latest...it'll often go out 30 seconds later, and on rare occasions, 5 to 10 seconds). It didn't bug me at first, but it became a different story over time, and after it happened again today, that was enough for me, so i've come to the forum to bring up this issue.

Here are my performance settings:

Shadow Quality: Medium
Main Shadow Resolution: 2048
Shader Quality: Standard
Texture Detail: Normal
Post Processing: High
Water Quality: High
Detail Scenery: Clutter Only
Antialiasing: 4x
Detail Update Rate: High

PhysX simulation turned off, Process objects behind camera is enabled. My graphics card is also an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660.

I really don't know what to do in regards to fixing my issue with Trainz 2019 and earbuds, so any solution to this problem y'all can tell me about, whether it be turning down any of the performance settings a notch or changing something in the NVIDIA Control Panel or whatever, would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Oh, and i almost forgot...i'd like to bring up that when the earbuds are plugged into the back audio panel, they work fine on Trainz with no issues. It's when i plug them into the front audio jack that they have the random disconnection problem
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I would take a trip to your local dollar store and find an extension cable for the earbuds and plug them back into the rear port. Almost every dollar store around here has them.
Have not had that problem but knowing how you feel just went out to get a gaming computer just for Tane & TRS19 since my gaming laptop was getting way too hot, brought it for TANE, looked at the config menu thought 3.4GHZ GTX1070 .... Ultra would be ok, have had to start turning down the settings only difference at moment is main shadow is still 4096 and do have clutter + TurfFX, you can see what I just got below, thought I would be ok, starting to wounder what they developed this on to use the full settings

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In yhe humble opinion of an IT this is not a problem directly connected to Trainz Sim but an OS problem. It's clear that when the hardeare is under pressure something goes wrong with the earbuds. I might think it's related to high power requirements when things get though.
Defective front speaker socket, probably loose wire or poor solder joint making an intermittent connection. Play an audio track and waggle the plug and see if it cuts out the audio. if not a loose wire or solder joint it may be the contacts are not fitting as tightly as they should due to wear caused by frequently plugging and unplugging.
The front speaker connection to the motherboard may have come loose, things like this do happen.

Running at high settings will have zero effect on the speaker output as that is fixed to whatever the volume is set at and front and rear will effectively be the same.

What was wrong with your original speakers? May have just needed the jack plug replacing, a common fault and a very cheap fix, if you are handy with a soldering iron.