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Hi averyone. I've just returned to using Trainz 2006 after a 6 month interruption for work, exams, etc and I seem to have forgotten everything.
I'm trying to create a route and have two problems (well, more than two, but two that are driving me daft:confused:). THe first is some 'eye candy' which involves a portal spawning a consist which then proceeds to a station, loads and then proceeds to another portal to disappear. I've set the portals up correctly as far as I can tell (defined the consist, driver and instruction list for the driver) but although the portal spawns OK the train just ignores the station and disappears into portal 2. Looks quite cool but would be nicer if it picked up passengers:). Any ideas?
Also, an my local route the driver will drive the route fine, repeatedly unless IT GETS DARK! Then he seems to lose the plot completely, reversing out of stations instead of loading, running the wrong way round the route, taking the longest way to next station etc. As stated there is absolutely no issue during the day. Is this normal?
Sorry about the length.

Which portal are you using? People have some problems with the portal basic short. Who's driving that loco after dark? That's the weirdest thing I ever heard. Sounds like he's definitely suffering from nightblindness.
Hi Jeff,
Just confirm that the driver command contains the correct interactive station name and plaform number (if applicable) followed by the load command. That should work ok. If not, test the path etc by changing the command to a track mark put at the station, followed by stop and then on to the exit portal.

As for "night driving" I'm at a loss other than to ask if there is any other traffic which could make the driver take a different route. If you set up a session with multiple trains, it might take a while for a "conflict" to develop which in your case might coincide with nightfall.

It could of course just be down to the woeful AI in Trainz, and needs intervention from you to force the required path.


Thanks for all that. I'd forgotten about the short portal problems (the grey cells are getting old) and changing to a standard portal sorted problem one. Regarding the other problem I found it starting to do the same in daylight. Placing a few track direction markers seems to have solved it (for now:rolleyes:). Now on to sorting the industries out.

Cheers Jeff.