Help with script errors product loads


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Hi guys,
just wondering and apologising if this has been posted before, but I tried to move my trainz 12 content to a new PC but then changed my mind and restored everything back to the way it was ....... So I thought!
anyways now when I try to load cars with say steel pipe or plate or anything in general all my products have disappeared and I get a script error warning and that stupid red bug appears in the corner! Any help would be appreciated,.
thankyou I advance ,Derek
Hi Shane ,

Please excuse my ignorance I was just wondering what do i have to do to fix commodities IE: where to find and fix them?

thanks again for your help, regards,

:) Derek
You will need to use the search box on the left hand side of the screen in Content Manager - click the down arrow next to Name, then change that to Category, then change the box that appears next to it to read Commodity.

As for fixing them, it depends on the nature of the problem. Sometimes, simply deleting the offending asset is the way of dealing with it.