Help with Drivers


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Hello i couldnt find a question like this so decided to ask my own. I just got TRS Ultimate collection. Ive been building a Nycta route since then and realized that none of my trains have drivers! I cant issue commands to them, so i get stuck driving them one at a time. How do i set up drivers? Can anyone help? Id really appreciate it.:)
If I remember correctly - and it was a long time ago now - drivers were not introduced 'till TRS2004 (and I was one of those TRS2004 drivers), which was the version after UTC. But I do remember running multiple trains in Ultimate Collection but I cannot remember the details. Cheers, Geoff.
Actually now that i look at it, i dont have the default set of session rules in surveyor. I read the manual, im suppossed to have default session rules but that area is blank. I have to add the options myself but then most of those are blank. Can someone help please?