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OK, Total newbie here. My son is obsessed with modern freight/passenger trains and loves the Trainz Simulator. However, he REALLY wants to have Amtrak Superliner and Metra (engines and cars). He also wants engines for UP, CN, NS, etc. How do I download or buy that content? The download station for Trainz 2 has none of those trains. Please help!
I have the Amtrak superliner cars, from the DLS, Search Amtrak. There is probably some UP content like SD9043's or stuff like that (I have some), But I don't know about Metra. Also, jointed rail is a good third party site.
Welcome to the forums, jvollman.

There are tons of freight cars, Amtrak equipment, and anything else from all over the world up on the Download Station, which is what I don't understand why you can't see them for downloading. Are you searching with Content Manager or within the game under the downloads? Using Content Manager, you should be able to put in your specific search for Amtrak P42, for example, and some should appear ready for downloading.

If you are going to be doing a lot of downloading, I highly suggest purchasing a First Class Ticket. With your free access, you are limited to 100MBs per day, which really adds up when you're installing a route with all kinds of dependencies.

You can purchase the First Class Ticket on Simulator Central for around $22.00 US. The price listed at $24.99 is Australian Dollars which are a bit higher.

Once you purchase and enable the ticket, you have access to the DLS without any download limits.

If you are interested in third-party content, I recommend you check out Jointed Rail at They have both free and pay-versions of content which is of the highest quality out there for the simulator.

Hope this helps.
You can download pretty much Amtrak's entire rolling stock on this website:

Amtrak locomotives cam be found here on the same website:

JCitron is right about the locomotives you need. Jointed Rail has quite a variety of locomotives your son wants. Most of the stuff is payware, but they have a lot of freeware. They occasionally 'retire' a piece of payware, meaning it becomes freeware. Note that you need to register, which is free, in order to get the stuff you want.
RRMODS also provides a fair amount of freeware and payware your son would like. However, some of them have problems with them, but most are easy to fix. Registration is also required for this site.
Also, on the Download Station, Chris (n8phu) has managed to fix a large amount of locomotives, most of which your son would be interested in.
You can also find a small amount of METRA stuff on the Download Station, just type in 'metra'.
Please note that you must NOT click on 'download station' on, as this is the new version of the Download Station, and does not have the vast amount the original Download Station has. This is the Download Station you must go to:
This should get you started in finding what your son wants.