Hello once again people....


Wonderfully Old Fashioned
I'm more into Planes now, but it seems I still have some steam, coal and spark left in me to enjoy Trainz still...

So, hello again people!

I just thought I'd make my temporary present known.
I read your post in "Look What I Found"

Is it your intention to re-start posting a hundred different "Brand New" threads, for each and every topic, and each and every single thought, that happens to run thought your mind ?

You can cluster all your multitudes of threads right "here" ... Under this single thread ... instead of starting a hundred obscure Facebook-like, Twittering threads, here on the Forum.

Just an observation ...

Meanwhile ... "I Am S_i_t_t_i_n_g On The P_a_t_i_o" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14CKzskjn4s
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