GNER Class 91/1 locos stopped working

I have happily been using peterdhicks excellent GNER Class 91/1 locos (kuid2:116035:91100:1 and 91101) ever since T:ANE with no problems but a couple of weeks ago they stopped working in TRS19. The system allows insertion on to the track in Session, application of a driver in Edit Session and all seems well. But if you then return to Edit Session the loco name becomes red and Driver does not recognise it as a valid loco. I have compared the various kuids involved as dependencies between T:ANE and TRS19 but the only difference is an upgrade to the Chameleon livery system library from :13 to :14 and NumberIt random running number library from:8 to :9 but these have become packaged and cannot be deleted and reverted to the previous edition. It appears that somehow a couple of weeks ago my system got an update from the DLS and that has caused this.

Can anybody offer an explanation ?

Tony Howard
Forget the above post. I have just discovered that in T:ANE the Chameleon livery system library is disabled but somehow had become enabled in TRS19. Disabling it again has solved the problem.
TY for sharing this Tony

Think chameleon was for texture replacement, by disabling it, don't you limit the functionality?
and same for number it, can you still change the running number?
Often its better to really fix something than just disable something

if the source of this problem is: now classified packaged, it should be a bug report, cause n3v causes this
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