Gloucester Terminal Railroad


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Picking up again on the old thread.




i cant download it. it says it can not be found on the DLS. its missing URL or something.

If you have a low end computer this route is not for you...This is a very highly detailed route and it needs a fast PC to run it...You might be able to swing it if you turn everything down...I had to turn down the draw distance on this one as well....But its a nice route :)
i cant download it. it says it can not be found on the DLS. its missing URL or something.
As far as I know the DLS link is OK since some 400 people have downloaded it.
Any idea where this one bridge can be found
Better increase your draw distance slider at least one notch. :) (It does sometimes take a bit of time to fully load)
Nope still not there....Turned up all the sliders and nuttin....Where abouts can that one be found???

The link for niffi's trees and such does not work for me. Looks like a great route and it's downloading as we speak!

Top Notch George :cool:
The bridge is the Austin Lift Bridge 2, 316:23021:1, but from your pic I would say the bridge is there alright but not being rendered. It takes about 30 seconds to a minute or so to render for me if I suddenly jump to that area. If it won't render at all you may have a memory problem and need more RAM.

I might just add that the big dark warehouse building near the bridge has a loud sound file running (In real life there used to be a forge there). Disabling the sound file in the config of the warehouse might help a bit.
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Aight I got the bridge now....For some reason it didn't down load it but as you can see I gots er :)

But now before when I didn't have the bridge I get this error...Any idea on what it means??? I can still run the route and all but was wondering what this ment???
I am afraid that is above my paygrade, WCL. Obviously I didn't have that problem. I can only say that in the past when I had trouble with the ProtoLARS stuff it was because I was missing some item. You may need to troubleshoot in CMP. Unfortunately, TPR doesn't support the use of their stuff in TRS2006.
Oh ok...Well it don't effect the route it just comes up when I first get onto the layout....It still works....Thanks for the replies :)