Freeware GP38 Missing dependencies help?


Standard Cab Fanatic
Hi, I'm new to trainz and this is my first forum post.

I recently downloaded the following freeware addons from JR.
>NS High Hood GP38

But there are apparent missing dependencies. Though I'm not 100% certain, I believe it's the 16-645e sounds for it, which are avaliable on the Download station. But the catch is, because I have Trainz 12, I can't download it. So there's no way for it to work. :':)'(

I think.

That's why I need help. Are there any solutions or ways to fix this? Please help!

To expand on the previous reply - if you register your game with N3V you will be able to access the download station. In addition you will find that members of the forum will be more inclined to help with queries if they know that you have a genuine version of TS12. While there is no version of Trainz showing by your username then there will always be the suspicion that it could be a pirated version. If you have registered it but it isn't showing up then I would suggest contacting the helpdesk who will sort the issue out for you.


It's definitely not pirated, I bought it from the Trainz website.

I think I've actually found a way to fix this error anyway. My bad :p