Flying Scotsman Steams!

HST more iconic than Flying Scotsman! Blasphemy!
The Class 43 is a good-looking and reliable locomotive, but it doesn't have half the style, class and romance 60103 has, and it's nowhere near as famous.
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In my humble opinion the class 43 in its dual train end capacity is a locomotive which is truly iconic and the one that should have received the honours yesterday and not one which played a leading role among others in Britain’s rail decline and the closure of so much of its infrastructure.

This in fact happened last year when the NRM, as I'm sure you will be well aware, restored the HST prototype power car to operational condition. It does indeed look (and sound) awesome and was featured in the press at the time after its own event at the GCR, but (naturally) didn't garner the same public excitemant as FS.
Besides they are far from obsolete yet, Scot Rail are getting 27 refurbished HST's in 2016 / 17.
If you want to support the work of the National Rail Museum, send donations to the NRM, not HM Government as those funds could be allocated anywhere across government expenditure.

Public control of public finances is organised by the blunt instrument of general elections and representative MPs.

You could send a donation to this locomotive which I help to maintain and drive. Owned by the NRM but looked after by ourselves - The koyli group. We look after all the diesels at the NRM Class 20,37,40,47.52 etc etc

55002 is being painted in two tone green at this moment in time and with FS will be side by side in the Great Hall in a few months time. Soon as the event is finished 55002 goes directly down to the Seven Valley Railway diesel gala which is May 19th - 21st


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Flying Scotsman has been out hauling passengers on the mainline today for the first time after its overhaul.

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Great video! Was the class 47 at the rear active and banking the train? There appeared to be diesel exhaust.