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Got another thing: We used to be able to double-click the "signal" at the thread header to remove the 'new post available" bolding. We cannot do that now.

You can mark all posts as read. On mobile, it is the three bars menu at the top, and scroll to near the bottom. Desktop is easier.
The forum disappears for nearly two weeks, no advanced warning, no one gets a message from NV3 to say when it may be back up or why its offline for such a long time, even though they sent out a newsletter whilst the forum was missing in action, how hard would it have been to add a sentence explaining the situation ? I thought the most likely scenario was they had lost everything again, although Zec did reply to my inquiry and relieved my fears on that score pretty promptly. Am I the only person here who thinks those actions were unreasonable ?
I had to dust off Discord to see if anyone else was having problems. There was complaints there. They did an announcement there on the 13th and responded to users. Yes they should have send something in email. I prefer email to Discord. I can understand taking it down to freeze the database and taking longer but to not announce it in the forums prior to, or email during I don’t understand.
Really do not like the look of the new forum. Aren't there any other themes available ? I do appreciate the "like" function though.
On my iPad, all I can see is three conversations at a time , I dunno whether they think we're all so ancient we can't decipher anything smaller but it's there seems no way to make the page shrink so I can view more items at a time. All I get is the window floating in empty space , it's ok on a standard computer , but it's a very sterile and bland look. The like button is a good thing though.
I read through the online manual for this new software and it does supports "skins" or what they call styles. This is just the default style as far as I can tell. It has excellent SPAM tools and a greatly improved search feature. The team just needs some time to tweak it a bit more.
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I am starting to wonder if I am even on the correct Discord in that case. Did another look and I could not find anything.
Or maybe I don't have the correct permissions there either.
Says, “Trainz Official Server” at the top. I got to it, somehow from the main website. I checked again and they did an announcement on the 13th that the forms were down and hoping that they would be back up in a few days. On the 18th they announced they were back up.
Aha. I am on one called "Trainz Community Server". Guess that has nothing to do with the official one. Does explain a lot.