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Yes, Looks like the ability to edit your profile is not enabled yet. I'm still looking for search too.
Yes, Looks like the ability to edit your profile is not enabled yet. I'm still looking for search too.
Same here, not been able to find it either.
Is private messaging available? What does the envelope symbol (adjacent to bell, top right) represent? It says conversations when clicked on but conversations with whom? Is it a new form of PM?
It's all mysterious nonsense to me!

I suppose that after the loooong "maintenance" this is still a work in progress!
The timeline tracks were a handy way to know what versions the poster has so that answers to questions can be appropriate. The various badges that were on the upper right of each post also helped place any answers in context. Sure hope this all returns.
I don't know if this forum software supports those features like vBulletin did. This software is described here.

My hat is off to the team, this was a herculean task given that there are nearly two million messages. Well done, Web team.
I hope there are a lot more features that will be added to this forum. As it stands now, it isn't really helpful or intuitive. I note my browser spell check isn't working in text boxes as well as a few more browser features. I can also see this forum is now aimed at phone users. Those with widescreen monitors are left with a lot of real estate not used (and no way to expand the display).

Freeware as well as several other panels are missing. I cannot figure out what time this forum is using as the posting times are off by a a lot. There is no way to adjust our avatar photos. I liked the display of versions under my name, now they appear to be gone. I anticipate a whole lot of "what version are you running" when questions about operation/use of the game are asked.

If this forum is still in it's infancy, then I hope it gets better.

EDIT: Okay. Time is figured out. Operator error.

I agree with your comments on the looks and missing features. It is definitely designed for tablets and smartphones. If you squeeze the width down, the display dynamically flips to a mobile display. I'm sure there is more to be done but it may involve some custom coding. Perhaps there is a permission issue with some users seeing all the sub forums. I see them all including one for blogs on the very bottom.

If you use this link does it show all the sub forums?

As HiBaller says, a lot of space is wasted on the sides, I would add that the font seems too big for my liking, I've set Chrome to 90% and it's a bit close. It would be very useful to have a couple of display options. We must wait for the system to adjust...
Got another thing: We used to be able to double-click the "signal" at the thread header to remove the 'new post available" bolding. We cannot do that now.

Wider at last, ah, some breathing room.
Looks like the Wayback machine has been told to stay away from many Trainz related sites. Keep getting this over there.


This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.

Oh well, I'll just have to remember the good old days. Although those who stayed back a few versions might not be too pleased