FEC Key West extension modern day


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the date is September 1st 1935 and a strong category 5 hurricane is approaching the florida keys and FEC has sent a train to evacuate people living in the keys. then in the early hours of september 2nd as the train is racing back towards the mainland the hurricane suddenly shifts course and slams into the florida mainland near miami. a small portion of the key west extension near miami and caused a large amount of damage south of Miami but the majority of the line was intact. the line was reopened a month later to trains. work on a parralel highway slowly continued slowly throught the 30's but it was finished in 1942 after the outbeak of WW2. the lines passenger service stayed profitable through world war 2 but after restrictions were lifted the passenger trains were slowly abandoned in favor of cars. finally in 1968 the FEC labor strikes put an end to passenger service and the line became freight only.traffic included general freight and agreggates to the port of key west and fuel for the navy station at Key West. during this time traffic became marginal and the line was single tracked. in 1978 a new container port was built on Fleming key and and the navy took over the old port enabling them to station larger ships such as aircraft carriers in key west. the new container port brought the line back from near abandonment and the line was relayed with double track and bridges repaired to handle the new traffic.

in real life of course the labor day hurricane of 1935 slammed into the keys and destroyed much of the railraod, it was too costly to rebuilt and sold to the state of florida to built a highway on.
my route is based on the fictional history described above, the route will be DEM based and if finished will require a medium end computer to run, i hope to release Version 1 when Key West is finished.
anways now for the pictures. :)

we start our tour of at the Key West roundhouse where we find a GP40-2 taking a spin on the turntable


3 SD70M-2's at the fuel pad


a general view of the roundhouse

GP40-2 doing yard work in the evening, a navy aircraft carrier can be seen in the background


GP40-2 doesnt look so big now!

next we catch a northbound lead by a Speedway unit rolling down the middle of North Roosevelt Boulevard just out of the yard.






next up are some shots of a baretable train crossing the bridge into key west
watching from our private railfanning island

entering Key west

stack train waiting for the baretable to pass, the Key west bridge is still single track

leaving the siding

on the other side of the bridge

thats all for now, more too come soon
Give the master his due.

As a major FEC fan, I applaud your twist on history.

I applaud your mastery of the modern day FEC in Key West.

Kudos to you on such an exciting Trainz route!

Looks absolutely spectacular. Great job and definitely looks like a route that I'd like to run.
Bravo Nikos,:clap: this is such a thrilling and interesting idea for a route, I Encourage you to please continue work on the route. Sometimes fictional routes can be among the most enjoyable in trainz:)
thanks you everyone for your comments, glad you all enjoyed the pictures.
was hoping to have more shots up tonight but spent the whole time downloading items for the route so oh well.
leader2302: the blue FEC geeps are beta by 22alpha, i need to bug him about getting them released, they need a few touch ups and hopefully some mesh changes can be done.
Ferrous: idk how easy it will be on FPS,it will probably more FPS friendly than most of my routes but not something for low end computers. the map size is pretty huge since the DEM couldnt be trimmed with HOG cause the line has been gone for 70 years. ive been manually trimming boards but this is a long process.
FECrichard, brainztrainz and animal71bj: since i you are big FEC fans your comments mean alot to me, glad you enjoyed the pictures of the route.:)

i hope to have Key West done soon, school is taking up alot of time so i will have time mostly on the weekend to work on this, hopefully i can put in an hour or so tommorow. depending on progress goes ill release a version when Key West and a few more islands are done, its quite a long railroad so doing the whole thing will take quite some time.
ok update a little more work on the route
a HLCX and 2 GP40-2's leads train 246 past one of Key west's marina's, 246 is a Key West-Miami train that which consist vary s day by day, usually a large part of the consist is empty tank cars from the navy base.




rolling north out of town


Extremely impressive shots nikos!! I love the marina shots that just screams Florida at its finest. The detail in that section is beautiful ! I love it so far, also cool looking HLCX tunnel motor it contrast nicely with the Blue FEC geeps.:)
The Keys are a bit busier and more crowded than I remember! :D (Must be because of the RailRoad!)

This is a route that would be nice to have, and to run! I use to work at the hospitals in Tavernier, Marathon, and Key West. (Lived in Pompano) I had to drive the entire route fairly often! Loved it in the Keys!

Keep up the good work!