Speed-up/Fast Key Missing?


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Pressing the SHIFT key, while running the route, increases the speed of the trains running the route. Great for tracking down route issues. BUT, it is missing from my 122411 install. The shift-key has no effect there. In build 123315 the Shift-key speeds up the display OK.

I want to report this to SUPPORT, I open their page and I am asked to describe the issue. If your description does not match their unpublished listed of acceptable problem descriptions they simply clear the field with no explanation. After entering several mutations of speed, speed key , etc...... all I received was a blank entry area. Is the support page the proper place to enter a problem report. A few years ago I sent in different reports and had interactions with N3V personnel. But now I cannot even begin the process??
Sort of a dumb message. Works in Beta then problem should be solved. Need more patience and coffee....

But, even reporting a dumb message is a confusing process for me.
So I am forgetting my old posts and not realizing that the problem is solved.
That somewhat explains why I believe that my standard release does not recognize that function. It is an illusion.