FDL Fond du Lac for T:ANE WIP


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With the new PC up and running I've resumed work on this project.

To start, I've changed the route name as shown in this title. In addition, the route has been cloned under a new KUID to avoid messing up those of us still running in 12. Any existing sessions that survive the port will have to be modified to point to the new map.

Today I reworked the SOO crossing and the freeway bridge. I also addressed the BSC limestone dump, which I'd been putting off. The "Limestone Pit" in previous versions is no longer available in T:ANE so it's been replaced with a multi ind l=20M, a gridded shed and an auxiliary shed. I've yet to test it.

Next step is to replace all the defunct Speedtrees with billboard trees and the Platform Wood Low splines still hiding out here and there. After that, go through and make sure everything is as is should be.

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16 March 2018

Finally have a clean route and basic session. Had to remove and replace the Horicon and Milwaukee portals and rebuild the consists in them because the "Milwaukee Road SD40-2" is faulty in T:ANE and it was stuck in the portals. Could not shake it out.

Found the Tb Forest Summer splines faulty so replaced them with Forest Summer spline equivalents. So far have found one texture that was fine in 12 but looks like a checkerboard in T:ANE; located a suitable replacement and applied it.

Once again there was an issue with the AJS Turntable; one of the stub tracks kept derailing vehicles at the exit joint. Replaced the stub track with a new one. (There was a similar issue here in the port from 2009 to 12.)

During test runs through all the switches, industries and sidings (Oy! I've not yet tested the Limestone Country sidings!) -- OK, almost all, noted the CNW trackage has been replaced with procedural track, so went through and removed the now superfluous frog check rails that had taken so much effort to get positioned right. Lighten the load, lighten the load.

Tomorrow I'll run through Limestone Country and once it's made sure, upload the route and session to the DLC.