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The other day I did a data base rebuild and the current route I am working on showed up with the "Faulty Icon" for the session. Check for faulty items and it is a build in item "Drive Command" and it is faulty because of the 2.0 build. Anything less than 3.5 is considered faulty. I can not delete or update this item. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?
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<kuid:-3:10057> Driver Command works fine in TRS22. Have you checked for a dependency that may be faulty or out of date? 2.0 build won't make it faulty. Anything below 3.5 will still load and work, it is just not supported any more for uploads.
Right click on the faulty asset and view errors and warnings. That usually, note "usually" removes the error message. Sometimes, using the revert to original will fix that too but viewing errors works better. If this continues, I recommend running a database repair because something could be wrong that's causing this with built-in assets.
When I right click on drive command and select dependences it brings up 12 item 8 of which are faulty. Right clicking on them has a waring about the 2.0 build and a red error that the texture file is missing. I will try the database repair again today.
TRS22 <kuid:-3:10057> Driver Command, list dependencies recursively, shows the following.

<kuid:447264:1097> Junction Overlay Icon
<kuid:-3:11209> Drive Via Trackmark
<kuid:401543:2081> Navigation Points Icon
<kuid:-3:10081> Couple
<kuid:447264:1090> Sanding Icon
<kuid:401543:1090> Halt Train
<kuid:-3:10082> Decouple
<kuid:-25:1327> Drive Schedule
<kuid:447264:1117> Camera icon - Tracking
<kuid:-3:10077> Unload
<kuid:401543:1501> Cmd NavInd Error Texture
<kuid:447264:1109> Camera icon - Map View
<kuid:-25:1301> Drive To Trackmark
<kuid:447264:1116> Camera icon - External
<kuid:-3:10076> Load
<kuid:401543:1500> Cmd NavTMark Error Texture
<kuid:447264:1098> Messages Icon
<kuid:-3:10058> Navigate To
<kuid:447264:1118> Camera icon - Roaming
<kuid:-3:10078> Notify
<kuid:401543:2211> UI Texture - Product Overlays Icon
<kuid:-3:10083> Run Around
<kuid:-3:10090> Wait For
<kuid:447264:1000> Achievements
<kuid:30501:1008> Auran Achievements Servlet
<kuid:30501:1009> Auran Achievements Servlet Library
<kuid:447264:1089> Bell Icon
<kuid:447264:1106> Camera icon - External
<kuid:447264:1105> Camera icon - Internal
<kuid:447264:1115> Camera icon - Internal
<kuid:447264:1119> Camera icon - Map View
<kuid:447264:1108> Camera icon - Roaming
<kuid:447264:1107> Camera icon - Tracking
<kuid:447264:1110> Camera View HUD
<kuid:-3:10219> CommandSounds
<kuid:447264:1094> Commodities Picker Icon
<kuid:447264:1095> Decouple Icon
<kuid:447264:1114> Dim Headlight Icon
<kuid:447264:1092> Ditchlights Icon
<kuid:447264:1088> Headlight Icon
<kuid:-16:10240> Driver
<kuid:447264:1104> Extra Tools Tray Icon
<kuid:447264:1086> Horn Icon
<kuid:447264:1096> Imperial Icon
<kuid:30501:1012> iTrainz Servlet Support Library
<kuid:447264:1112> Message Ticker HUD
<kuid:447264:1093> Metric Icon
<kuid:447264:1103> Misc Tools HUD
<kuid:447264:1120> New Message Button Icon
<kuid:447264:1091> Pantographs Icon
<kuid:447264:1099> Reverse Train Facing Icon
<kuid:447264:1113> Schedule Icon
<kuid:447264:1101> Session Instructions Icon
<kuid:447264:1087> Shovel Coal Icon
<kuid:447264:1111> Train Controls HUD
<kuid:401543:1133> Trainz Phone UI: Camera menu button
<kuid:401543:1134> Trainz Phone UI: Tools menu button
<kuid:447264:1102> Waybill Icon
Rebuilt data base did not help. I am just stuck now with faulty built in items that can not be deleted or downloaded. I could download the program and reinstall but it doesn't seen to be worth the time.
<kuid:-3:10057> has 58 dependencies recursively in TRS19 to me or 12 dependencies (all correct):

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Could you take a screenshot with the 12 assets to see which ones give you "faulty"? It would make it easier to find how to help you...