Explaination for the AMTZ incident

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Yeah, I get where you're coming from. But all I ask is a little more faith in my moderation skills. ;) I don't do it often, but I try to do a nice job and be fair.

I'm a little slow at getting those PM's out too, so give things a bit more time before reacting too. I saw your thread, but I didn't want it starting a flared discussion like this one did... so I spiked it down and went about to send a personal explanation.

Seeing that this is pretty much wrapped up, who else is wanting a lock?

- Joshua
Me :) It's okay for me, i think we don't Need this thread any longer ;)

But see: If this thread wasn't here, there would have been no way to talk about the things happened here :)
I think it's best that this thread be locked to let the heat die down on it. It's purpose has been said and posted numerous times already.

Thank you and regards,

John Citron
Not open for further replies.