Example of Confusing Information


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This is from the customer's profile. The title says INCLUDES. Then the data block has the word "requires". I read that and may be confused, or at least concerned, as to what I have bought. When you title a paragraph as INCLUDES the natural assumption is that the contents of that paragraph list what you HAVE. But it also has the word "requires". That seems, at least to me, to conflict with Includes. This is another example of confusing information and advertising. It goes alongside the FOREVER proclamations sprinkled throughout TRS22 advertisements. Yes, if you pause and reread once, or more, you see Requires really means Not Included. For some reason whoever wrote that wanted to AVOID such a stark revelation. :(

Membership Includes:

Content Vault: Requires Gold or Silver Class
Trainz Store Discount: Requires Gold or Silver Class
First Class Ticket: Active
Preview Pass: Requires Gold Class
Trainz A New Era: Active
Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019: Active
Trainz Plus: Active
Dick, it is simply informing you of what the membership includes and which parts of your membership are active, also which ones are not and what is required to make them active. Nothing sinister and would pass any test under Australian Consumer Law.
Also there are different levels of membership. Some levels come with (include) certain features, while others do not.

For example: Trainz Store Discount is not included in the Trainz Plus level of membership. If you want this feature you must have (requires) Gold or Silver level membership.