EEP - Train Model Simulator 2008 [EEP 5.0] is now available in English.

Maybe it's just me but I would actually say that I would rather watch a nice black and white movie because their sometimes more funny then the colour. Maybe it's because I like the country when it was in the 1970s-1980s. How I can relate it back to eep I don't know.:eek:

By the way Every trainzer in the whole world has a choice to make. what that choice is we need to support it. even though it bight be absolutely rubbish through your eyes it might not in their eyes. it's like me, my brothers and my trains in general. My brother said that i should get interested in guns and not into trains but I wouldn't have meet these forums in the first place if I had listened to them. so in the end it was my choice to come on here in the first place.:wave: That's whay I had said
Wish you lots and lots of fun with your favorite game. I certainly do.
Is it all in "black and white" to you now?;):hehe:

sorry for the double posts
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I had terrible trouble with EEP4, way back when. After trying to add some of the (limited) free content the installer threw a wobbly and effectively trashed my XP O/S, resulting in an unplanned, emergency reformat (i.e. no chance to back anything up).

Now funnily enough, the publishers of EEP have recently been in touch and asked if I will review Version 5. I'm currently taking a look at it but whie there are some procedural changes such as destination blinds and opening coach doors still looks pretty much the same. It is very much model (and German) orientated. Thanks for the heads-up about the content editor, with Gmax, 3D Canvas and Blender etc. it seems a bit restrictive not to allow a plug in for these.

The interface of the game is somewhat challenging - I tried without success to get one of the demo layouts going. Nowhere near as user friendly or intuitive as TRS. I think if you were looking for a more technical alternative to Hornby Railway 2 it might be worth a look, but I don't think it's going to impact mainstream trainsimming/virtual railroading very much.
Ben, if more people got into trains instead of guns, the world would be a much more peaceful and happy place.

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That's true. But to be honest I don't think that will help the world to be a peaceful place. For that to happen you would need the governors to become interested in something other then guns and wars.;) The only other thing that would do the trick is to have a world government.
just bought eep X on steam for just 20 euro, its the expert edition with now in cabin driving included. The offer last this weekend so be quick if you want to check it out. ;) My first impressions are good , there is a special 64 bit exe that runs fine on my win 64 comp. btw it commes with loads of locs and wagons. ;P Its in english but the current manual isnt without translation errors, you better check out ruud de boer's eep tutorials on you tube.

here is the link to the steam action :
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