Duchess Class Loco


This may be an odd request for help from an old member of the Trainz Community (in both senses of the phrase) perhaps the memory isn't so good anymore.
In a previous route I used a Duchess Class Loco which when selecting cab view (i.e 2 key) gave a viewing position "outside the cab - as if standing on the outside of the cab and not looking through a window". Can't find it now - I thought it was LMS livery.
I used this loco particularly for checking new layouts as unlike a "Camera" vehicle I could switch from low to high position as needed.
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.:'(
Hi Ron,

The Duchess would be either Jetsreemsky's Kuid 4468: or my up date of Jet's Duchess class engines Alex23 Kuid 193148:

There are six versions of this engine LMS or BR. Jet's engines are UTC, My versions are "Full steam" 2004 versions.

These engines currently are in the workshop for a Major revamp. (still using the original source files though.)