Driver Palette vs Driver Setup Rule Trainz Plus b122411


Trainz Veteran
Copy of a post I made in another thread but since it applies to TLR I have reposted it here.

I have been experimenting with the new Driver Palette that is now available in Trainz Plus Surveyor 2.0 and have noticed a few "issues".

Firstly, most of what is in the Driver Palette is intended (as far as my understanding goes) for use with the upcoming Trainz Living Railroad (TLR). There are a lot of control options in this palette and its "daughter windows" and, as I have noticed, most of them have no effect on operations such as running normal sessions. Despite that you can still add drivers and assign them to trains using the Driver Palette and can then immediately jump into Driver to operate them.

However, any changes you make to drivers and their allocated trains in the Driver Palette will NOT appear in the Driver Setup Rule in the Session Editor. Likewise, any changes you make in the Driver Setup Rule will have no effect on the contents of the Driver Palette. The two are totally independent of each other.

Hopefully, this is a temporary situation until the TLR is finally released - otherwise I can see confusion ahead.

In the meantime, my recommendation is that the Driver Palette is interesting to look at and "play with" but, for the time being at least, stick with the Driver Setup Rule for allocating drivers to trains and setting up AI operations for sessions.

My suggestions, at least until proven incorrect.