Driver commands


Still plays with Trainz
Over the past few years I have created several fully automated sessions. To accomplish this I have had to rely heavily on Driver Commands. Recently when I press the small icon at the front of a driver/train in Driver Setup I get a post with half the the commands I had previously activated in Driver Commands. When I opened Driver Commands I discovered that the commands were frozen. I could neither activate nor deactivate a command. Can somebody help me repair whatever damage has occured to Driver Commands? Thank you

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
Build 118009
Try clearing the cache/libraries folder. This is found in your Trainz data folder. (Don't delete the folder, just the contents!)

Highlight all in the cache/internet folder and press CTRL+A.
Press Delete and confirm.

The process will run along then appear to hang; it is not hung and is processing lots of tiny files.

After this has completed, run a DBR.

When you start up Trainz again, the folder will repopulate with the scripts and hopefully this will have fixed your problem.
Thanks John. I really appreciate your efforts to help me but I couldn't' t get anything to work. Thanks again