"Drive to" Versus "Drive to Trackmark"

I know how to add/delete/edit trackmarks. I do not understand the things listed under the "Drive to" command, rather than the "Drive to Trackmark" command. How do I add/delete/edit things under the "Drive to" command, such as portals, and other places that trains can drive. I would guess this is in surveyor somewhere, but where do I find them?

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"Drive To" and "Navigate To" take the AI driver to destinations that are active industries, stations and portals - these are the items that appear in the lists. With the exception of portals, this command will usually be followed by a "Load" or "Unload" command. For passengers there is no difference between "Load" and "Unload".

"Drive To Trackmark" and "Navigate To Trackmark" take the AI driver to trackmarks where the driver will briefly halt before continuing onto the next command (if any).

"Drive Via Trackmark" and "Navigate Via Trackmark" is essentially the same as above but without the halt (unless it is the last command in the list).

The distinction between "Drive" and "Navigate", the latter appeared in Trainz 2009 or 2010 onwards, is less clear.

You add items to these lists by adding new trackmarks to the track (trackside assets tool then the third tab in Surveyor) or adding new industries (objects tool then the first tab) into the layout. Deleting them will remove them from the lists. Altering their names (the "?" icon) will edit them.

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Drive vs Navigate

For details of Drive Vs. Navigate command please view my March 6th, 2009 post in the below thread.


I have also come to realize that if a train using a Drive to or Drive Via command is blocked it will wait a few minutes and if the blockage is not cleared then it will search for another route as if using a Navigate command.
My question was really more focused on the objects that "Drive To" uses. I understand "Drive To Trackmark" but I cannot find objects, other than portals that are referenced in the "Drive To" command.

I also have found that "Drive To" works like "Navigate To" if the route is blocked. I wish it did not.

.. but I cannot find objects, other than portals that are referenced in the "Drive To" command.

To locate one of these objects in an existing layout use the Find tool then select Industry from the drop down list. Then click on one of the industry names.

In the Surveyor Object selection display window objects that are referenced by "Drive To" and "Navigate To" commands are usually indicated by a green tick or a "LARS" icon or other similar device.

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