I really want this route to work

I've created a pretty detailed route, and I have read through and followed all the instructions on routing the AI trains in the session, using portals, and other operating options. I have tried and tried, but there are just some things I cannot get to work. I clearly admit that there are others who are much better than I in some things ( I am in my 60's and clearly do not understand some stuff - but am eager to learn!).
Also, I am very open-minded and would really like the perspective and input of others - drive the route, make suggestions, add your own ideas, etc.
If you want to be a partner with equal route creation credit, and want to test drive, check out my signal setup for accuracy and functionality, and/or help me to get the AI trains to work... well, I would really appreciate your help!
I really want this route to work and want to post it for everyone to use.
Please lend a hand.