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Sirs is there a problem with download speed in content manager as a first class ticket holder only getting speeds of 46.8kbps this is not the speed for people who buy your tickets its the speed one would get for the 100mb per day Thank you for your time with this matter

I don't know what to say because the DLS is acting fine where I am. ??

Is your machine doing any updates concurrently for other things? I've had that happen and cause downloading from the DLS to slow way down until that was over. It drove me nutty too as I looked around to see what was going on.

Download speed is a product of many different factors - not all of them depend on whether or not you have a FCT. For example, your speed could be reduced by your internet service provider because you may have exceeded a set monthly download quota. The DLS servers are hosted in the USA and that can sometimes cause problems for users outside the hosting country.

Having said that, I have not noticed any problems with my download speeds.
Thank you sir's for your input could find no reason for it slowing down no updating or maintenance my end but thank you all for your help have a good weekend to all
The fact that you have not registered TS12 *may* be a factor there. Are you downloading using a web browser or through Content Manager (CM)?
jwvreeland - The stalling at the end problem is a known issue for versions prior to T:ANE unfortunately and is unlikely to change. Make sure you are running at least build 49922 though for TS12 (check the number on the bottom right of the Launcher).

The Netherlands : no problems here .

But i think éven with a FCT and there are many users , the speed will reduce.