DLC recommendations?


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Looking to buy a DLC route, maybe a loco and an FCT to download some stuff. My main interest for content is the UK and Europe, though I'd be ok with content from somewhere else. Any recommendations for some good DLC? Anything would be great, thank you!
Not DLC, but my route Cornish Railways is free on the DLS covering the the county of Cornwall, the South West tip of the UK. It features the 80 mile mainline between Plymouth & Penzance as well as all the branch lines between. A highly detailed route with plenty of British countryside. Hoping to release the next version of it soon as well updating the Plymouth area.
The only 2 DLC UK routes I see in the store are: Cornish Mainline (TANE), and Settle & Carslile. The S&C is pretty old of a routhe by today's standards, but has some interesting features & a lot of rolling stock. Cornish Mainline I think has been updated & is built into '22 now.

There are a lot more European routes on the store however, I'm not that familiar with them however,

Edit: oh I forgot the ECML route for the UK.
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