DLC on different computers


UK railfan
As some of you may know ( :) ), i have bought the S&C pack for trainz mac 2. i was wondering if you can purchase it on one computer and download it on another? This is because my safari won't open up the checkout, it just displays "safari cannot open the page" over and over. This will hopefully be one of my last rapid-fire posts, so yay.As usual, any help will be appreciated.
Chris, while I'm just as unequivocally certain as Kieran that you can purchase it on one computer and download to another. It may take some doing. The easiest way might be to download, and install another browser (though I'm not on Mac, and don't mean to make a recommendation on the MAC OSversion), I have had not problems downloading content with my mozilla product. If all else fails, a request to helpdesk for a CDP might be accepted.

Thank you. How can you do it? Does it automatically download when you log in to trainz from a different computer or is there some mystical magic behind it?
In TS:Mac 2 it shoud download via the DLC system, even if it is on the same computer that cannot manually download the files via Safari.

This alleviates any need to download the files outside of Trainz, too. :)

Thank you for the help. I have come across one problem though. I have downloaded the S&C pack from Simulator Central, but it says "this program must be run under Win32". Does this mean it will only work on windows and if not, any ideas what i can do?
You don't need to download anything from simulator central. Just start trainz and it should automatically download and instal.
As if you were going to play the game. I'm fact you can play while the download goes in in the background.
Ah! It has worked! Thank you all so much for the help and advice you have given me over the past 1500 or so posts in the last few days! I t has been greatly appreciated, and thank you once again. :) (I'm happy now)
Ok, so now it doesnt work. It immediately said "downloaded" and left no trace of the DLC. Any ideas?

Hi Chris,

When the download started, did two download windows open? If so, you should pause or cancel the second one and just let the one labelled Part 1 download and install. Then let the second do its thing.

Ok sorry guys. I t turns out my internet had a major spasm, but everything is fine now. Thanks for the help and advice.