Developing the Singapore MRT System in T:ANE


Singapore Railfan
Of all the routes I have played in Trainz all these years, my dream is to eventually play my own country's: Singapore. I love my local Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. Our local planning authorities already have lots of upcoming lines on their sleeves to last us all the way till 2024.

I wonder if there are any other Singaporean Trainz Players here. If we could come together to make our own country's MRT system, its so going to be something we're very proud of.

Though I have no knowledge myself on how to actually use the Trainz platform to develop custom content like the trains, tracks, scenery etc for the route, I have a personal collection of :

  • Drawings of Singapore MRT track diagrams indicating the locations of at least 95% of the signals with their IDs across the entire MRT network. (excluding signals found within depots)
  • A chainage document where I collected data from chainage signs pasted on tunnel walls and end platform areas and used Excel to calculate the exact distances between any two stations along the MRT line
  • Point/Turnout identification numbers for the North South East West Line (NSEWL) network
  • 2D signal light recreations in Microsoft Word
  • Recreations of some track side signage in Word

These documents which I been updating over these years could help interested developers ensure that

  • Distances between stations is correct and track alignments exact
  • Signals placed in the simulator have their genuine IDs tied to them
  • The have the convenience of referring to the 2D recreations of the signal and track side signages to make them 3D without the need of having to do so much research and start from scratch.

That is what I am able to contribute on my side. So are there any interested parties here? Do leave a reply below. Thanks!