DELTIC Engine Sounds


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I have Hoovermans reskin of the Auran "Deltic" as DELTIC and although its a fine looking loco it still has the wrong engine sound.Is there any )reasonably simple) way I can use the (correct) engine sound from the "Alycidon" Deltic in DELTIC ? Hopefully avoiding use of over technical terms?..:confused:
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Can you not just change the kuid in the loco`s config file so that it uses the one you have for Alycidon ?

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"Blackwatch" thats basically what I"ve tried already.However, I Committed the loco and when I went into Surveyor the DELTIC was there as a thumbnail it wouldn"t show up in reality.In CMP it shows as "Not Faulty" and "no Missing Or Broken Dependencies.":confused:
I"ve finally sorted it with the help of my friends Mr Carling and Mr Lime.The problem when I originally did was that I noticed the Engine and Enginesound Kuids in the reskinned DELTIC were the same so when I used the Kuid from "Alycidon" I replaced both Kuids in DELTIC with the Aycidon Enginesound.When I simply replaced one Enginesound for another everything was as sweet as a nut.I"ve also replaced the HST engine sound in the Green Class 20 with the correct sound.Thanks for helping anyway..:)