Default Sessions


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I've been away too long;) Anyhow, I had to completely re-install my TRS2006 (and yes, I did patch it up to the latest number, 3092 right?). Then I installed my newly arrived Trainz Routes 1 and 2. So far, so good.

Went to Surveyor to add a train to one of these new routes, for a test spin. There used to be 3 "default" commands available in setting up sessions, but now I don't see any. I scanned through the list but couldn't really recall what they were called, so I could add them myself.

When I ran the "session" I don't see the "menu bars" that used to go on the bottom from the left, and up the left side, if you have more than one locomotive.

Is a "re-install" in order? or something else?
Sounds like a bad install of SP1. Save your local folder, then do a complete re install following the directions exactly, especially to delete TRS2006 completely before reinstalling.

When in doubt ...

Been too long since I had to do a re-install! After re-reading the installation directions I realized you have to patch to a totally virgin install. All is well now.