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Does anybody know how to make custom models for Trainz 2022 with a MacBook? I want to know how to make buildings, stations/industries, and of course trains. I've always wanted to make my own Trainz content. And can anyone explain how to make your own enginespecs? Like could I make a custom engines spec even if I didn't make a model to give it to?

-Taizahn :)
Use blender , it's cross platform and free, but it's complex, you do realise that it's difficult job learning 3d software? It will be a steep learning curve and will take you months to make quite simple items that will look good in the game. By all means go for it, but just remember, it's not going to be easy unless you happen to be one of those lucky people who can pick up 3d modelling intuitively . There are tutorials online by Cayden and Doug I believe. Can't remember where but there are links to them contained in the forum