Inserting downloaded content into a route?


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How do you insert your downloaded content into a route? I want to insert some engines and cars but don't know how. Trainz Simulator build 119450 2022 GOLD
Place them in Surveyor. Then you can select to switch to Driver if you want to drive them. Or you can select the route, then select "Create Session", then place and drive your consist.

Either way, look for the content picker on the right side of the screen, and pick the rolling stock option, Scroll the list or partially type the names of what you are looking for to bring them up. Select a loco or car, then click on the tracks where you want it. If it shows up in the wrong direction use rotate to switch it around. For other objects click where you want them, then use rotate and move tools to place them as you want.
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Tip... after you download your items they will appear in Content Manager. Use Content Manager to place your items in "Pick Lists" which will make finding them (to put on your layout) a lot easier. Pick Lists will make life a LOT easier. Surveyor is then used to place your items onto your layout. There's a LOT to learn about all this.