Crossing Gates


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I have an inactive piece of rolling stock parked close to a crossing. This causes the lights and boom to be always active.

Is there a trick to having the crossing ignore that piece of rolling stock?
I've tried hidden signals and junctions but no luck.

Do you use the rolling stock? If not, disconnect the track. If yes, attach an invisible spur with an invisible junction and set the track to the invisible spur. This should fix the problem. Just switch it back when you want to pick up the cars
you could always convert the rolling stock to be a static object instead of actual RS.

I can think of two possible solutions.
First, if you never plan on moving those cars, then you could always put a small break in the track between the crossing and the cars. It could be a very small gap as long as the track doesn't connect to the crossing.
Secondly, you could place a short piece of invisible track just a hair above the visible track and place the cars on the invisible track. Make sure the invisible track connects to nothing.
Of course, neither one of these solutions will work if you plan to move the cars.
Or you could just not connect the tracks to the crossing insted just place over the rails there...

Do you get it?

The invisible junction is the easiest way, if you want to be able to move the stock.BTW gasolene thats a lovely looking bit of detailing - did you build it yourself?...:cool:
Thanks for the tips,

I ended up disconnecting the siding track from the crossing and used an invisible piece of track over the crossing.

So the first line is completely ignored.


BTW gasolene thats a lovely looking bit of detailing - did you build it yourself?...

Thanks, this is my first go at a route. It's based on a ho scale model train I had as a kid (2 4x8 sheets of plywood). As soon as it's done I'll upload to the dls.