Creating Content with T:ANE

So in the T:ANE CM, I clicked on the "Developer" tab and then clicked "New Content", expecting the T:ANE equivalent of TS12's Content Creator Plus, but all it did was create a new, blank, asset. Which doesn't do me much good, considering the fact that I have no idea how to create content completely from scratch. So does T:ANE have it's own equivalent of Content Creator Plus (if not CCP itself), or do I have to memorize how to setup the config files for different assets from now on?
CCP does not exist in T:ane and is not likely to appear in the future. Regarding making a new config.txt, find a similar object, clone the config and modify the contents. Make sure that none of the original details remain, you are doing this to copy the structure, nothing else.

I moved most of my TS12 into TANE, so I will give this advice, There were times I had to go back to TS12, and hand select missing dependencies for some assets, so if they show a "Faulty, Missing dependencies" that could be why.