CP rail freight run I'm SOooooo Confused


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So I bought the Canadian Rocky Mountains Columbia River basin route. On the CP rail freight run session the directions tell me to take a black hopper, to Donald's freight yard and drop it off.

You and your colleagues will drive a freightliner from the North of the Basin and delivery your train cars along the way. Donald Industries requires the CP Rail Hoppers first. Decouple SD40-2 #6 from the HK Oil tanker then reverse and decouple the black hoppers at Donald Industries. Once this is done you have a long 12 mile journey with the group until you break off.

Now, guys, I know I can be a bit thick at times, LOL but the train that it assigns me to in this session has no hoppers it's all box cars. In Canada do they call box cars hoppers? Also, I have no black anything. Hoppers or boxcars. Can someone please help me out. I'm a bit confused. Thanks so very much