Couple At Trackmark Issue? Using AI


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I need to drop a consist at a trackmark and later retrieve it. It was working 2 days ago but today I can find no setup that works. In the intervening period I updated TRS22 to latest beta.

The depositing train (from a portal) drives past a trigger then to the trackmark, waits 5 seconds to stabilize, decouples and leaves. Another, engine activated by that trigger, now proceeds to couple-at-trackmark. It arrives at the trackmark but, stops short of it FYI - Up-dated to latest Trainz22 after last successful session.
;)UPDATE: I have decided to scrap the idea of another railroad not allowed into the yard of "my railroad". I will allow it and the process will be simpler. Sorry for the unneeded post. Has to work since there is only one company - N3V.