Problem Coupling To A Train At A Trackmark?


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A train trips a trigger and backs to a trackmark. Uncouples from a consist and exits to a portal.

An engine backs to a siding and executes a "couple on trackmark" command.

However, the command cannot work since the trackmark is at the opposite end of the train.

A variety of train sizes will arrive at this siding so there is no way to predict the size or makeup of the arriving consists.

With the trackmark some distance from the coupling point it exceeds the maximum distance for the command to couple at a trackmark.

Any suggestions on how to deliver a consist to a siding trackmark and later couple via a track mark to the consist?

Note: The arriving consist's size (#of cars) is not predictable.
Hi Dick

Have you tried placing a second trackmark at the front of the siding to use with the Couple at Trackmark command?


quick thought…

set a new trackmark before the first possible wagon/carriage (A) and one beyond the far end of the train (B)
on the pickup engine
drive to new trackmark A
set throttle to (coupling speed)
drive to new trackmark B
This loco should encounter the consist at coupling speed, couple, then drive to trackmark B
Now carry on
You could try couple at trackmark list. Just place extra TM's in the list format.
Track 1(3), Track 1(2), Track 1(1) and then select 1st occupied in the driver command.
A major problem is that I ain't driven, AI is.
Also, the Drive To Trackmark List does not appear in Available commands. It is in the Content manager.

I am trying to emulate a typical feed of cars from other railroads for distribution on "my railroad". I expect to see, from the "sending railroad", a bill of lading and an expected time of arrival.

"My Railroad" is modeled on a financial approach. Just laying track or adding assets costs money and can't be done just to satisfy a situation unless there is no alternative.

So, the only obvious solution is to eat the cost of a connection from the open end of the siding back to the yard. Thus, when the consist is placed on the siding it trips an arrival trackmark and a yard engine couples to the "other end" of the arrived consist. Then takes it to the yard for breakdown and an invoice is prepared:).

Thanks tp all for inputs.
I would try this


First drive to Trackmark B, Halt, drive to Trackmark A, Uncouple. The distance inbetween the trackmarks A and B should longer then the lenght of the longest consist. Next loco couples at Trackmark C. The distance inbetween A and C is the lenght of the loco. May have to play with the distances to make it work.

Just an idea, never tried it.
the Drive To Trackmark List does not appear in Available commands. It is in the Content manager.”
Try editing the session - there is an option to select which commands are available to the drivers for each session.
It’s a tick box list, so straightforward to add more command.

OK, may have it working. I redid the interchange where cars are deposited and picked up working with "foreign rail roads".

I made the interchange point an oval (racetrack) shape. with a portal connection for incoming and outgoing trains. The result is, for example, that a different railroad can send its cars (via a portal) for distribution on my route. Later they may individually, or in consists, be returned to the originating railroad via the portal.
In all cases the customer receives returned cars which are the same as those originally sent to my railroad.

Note this arrangement serves only one railroad. I see no reason why I can't just connect another portal (railroad) and serve another railroad as well. Both would share the common interchange oval.

If I can find the instructions, I will post a picture.