"Couple At Trackmark" Does Not Appear in the Session Rule/Driver Setup Instructions?


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Couple At Trackmark instruction is not available in the Driver Setup instruction list - TS 2022 122912.

But, it is available in TS-2018.
Also instruction is available in the 2022 Content Manager. So it is ok in TS2018 and not TS2022
First THANKS, you were correct.
When I try to select Couple At Trackmark, in the Driver Setup Rule, the selection grows dark as does the Couple command next to. In short Mouse Over does not select instead Couple At Trackmark, instead it goes dark and does not select.

Note: DeCouple does the same thing.
Both ok in TS2019

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I tore down the route by deleting all of the sessions and cleaning out some extra engines. So I ended with a route with no sessions. Redid the session I had issues with and this time Coupling At Trackmark was ok and all went well thereafter.