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Migrating from trainz2006 to 2010 and to a new machine. When I import my editied files through Content Manager, the config.txt files are all converted to config.chump files and the asset becomes unusable. What am I doing wrong?
chump to cfg
I ran into the same problem and found a fairly simple solution:
1. Use Windows Notepad to create a blank config.txt file on your desktop or other handy location.
2. Use Content Manager to find the asset folder.
3. Right click and use the "View Config File" at the bottom of the menu. CM will read the chump file for you!
4. Highlight and right click and copy the entire contents of the config file.
5. Use CM and open the assett with "Edit in Explorer".
6. Copy the blank config.txt file to the same location as the config.chump file.
7. Open the config.txt file and paste the contents of the chump file you copied in step 4.
8. Delete the config.chump file.

That's it! A few steps are all that is required and thenyou can proceed to upgrade or modify as you wish.
The chump files are compressed versions of the relevant .txt files. When you next open them for edit you will get the relevant .txt file available.

xcrossi - your information seems OK, but one thing to be aware of is that the .chump file is created from the .txt file when the asset is committed, and converted back to .txt when the asset is opened for edit or the config is viewed in Content Manager.

It's one reason why database files should not be tampered with apart from opening assets for editing.

In order to be able to fully advise on gparkes's problem, gparkes will need to state what method he/she is using to access the asset folders after importing the edited content.

It's hard to know - sometimes people try and view the assets using Explorer without opening the asset for editing first.

It's hard to know - sometimes people try and view the assets using Explorer without opening the asset for editing first.


Actually this is what I have a feeling M. Parkes is doing.

A good rule of thumb is never, ever, attempt to edit any content outside of Content Manager.

I think this problem could come from the fact that in 2004 you are able to edit files directly from the World folder. This doesn't work for the Local folder.
Once the Hash folders from the Local are imported to CM you then have full access to them.
I try to edit them in CM (CCP) , but they won't open. I get an error message "Config file has been deleted. The program will shut down now." I have probably 1000 of these assets--doing them one by one is not exciting.
After you "import content", you need to do a database repair and they will then be recognised by CM.