complicated problem


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here's a tester. whenever I get problems with the cmp, as now, trying to download something and it freezes, when I then come out and try to load game ( ie click on start ) nothing happens ?? the only way I can get game to work again is to download the whole auran file to backup then redownload back it to the same auran file on main pc, after this i can then again open the game. if this only took a few minutes no problem , but in total its 90mins or more.
does any computer boffin know what the heck is going on ?
Please ask if I've not explained it well
This may be your problem.
If CMP freezes, then next time either cmp or trainz starts it may need to rebuild the trainz asset database. If trying to open cmp you may (or may not!) see a message "rebuilding database - please wait" or similar. Trainz doesn't show any message.
If Trainz or CMP seems to not be doing anything after restarting try going for a tea/coffee/beer/walk the dog and just leaving it. Mine can sometime take up to 30 minutes before it shows anything...