CM Reports Missing KUID, but it is on the DLS


I have created a route that requires a number of assets that I have uploaded to the DLS. However, CM doesn't see them as existing on the DLS, even though you can find them through the web version.

Here is one example KUID that is on the DLS but doesn't appear in CM:
  • <kuid:87135:102470>

Has anyone encountered this before, and can it be fixed?
It may be that because it is TS2009 that it has been sidelined for upgrade to trainz build 3.5 by the Content Repair Group. I believe that while the DLS will accept older assets, it won't show them in CM. They should however download automatically if listed as a dependent of a route. Easiest fix is to bring it up to trainz build 3.5 and re-upload it.
I was able to download it via FTP and install it into TRS19 without a problem. Looks nice.

Edit: I was able to edit the config to make the trainz build 3.5 and submit the changes without any problem yet. I'm not sure it it will pass the full mustard of the DLS error checking though. You might want to change to the kuid2 format to take advantage of versioning so the new one will obsolete the older one. <kuid2:87135:102470:2>
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I had a look around your uploads and it appears that all the ones that are TS2009 have the same issue. They can't be seen in CM but should download as a dependent of a route. If not maybe a note to the helpdesk can tell you more. Very nice work by the way. I grabbed a lot of your creations. :)
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It's downloadable in CM by using a custom filter (Asset KUID). The filter will show it as unkown, but it could be downloaded. After the download it is marked as "Third Party", and shows the correct name.

This is not a bug and this process came in around 2016 when the CRG was formed. You should have received an email saying this would happen to your affected assets.

The CRG isn't fixing much at present.
Thank you all for your help. I'm updating these and giving them 3.5 build numbers.
Nick, in your CM, where it says 'name', left-click and select 'insert column' and select 'build number'. This will automatically show the individual trainz-build numbers of each asset listed in CM. This is very handy for TRS19 and up for sorting PBR and non-PBR ground textures.
I recommend adding all the columns, it makes sorting and finding content a whole lot easier.