class 421

what happen to tempest class 421 (uk).still waiting class 421 (uk) to be release to download from content manager. also lack southern region third rail rolling stock. uk assets.

Sad to say I haven't touched Trainz for many a year now (must be a good six years since I even logged on here :eek: ), although today I did install TRS 12 (my latest version) in the hope of showing my daughter what I used to waste my time on :D Several crashes later and that idea went out of the window!

It would seem that my site that held downloads for the CIG beta is now offline and I never managed to recover the latest meshes so it is likely dead in the water along with the 485/486's. I've forgotten more than I knew in gmax so it would be like starting again :O and I really don't have the time for that - sadly!

Regards, Kev