Why loading animation was too late compared smoke effects ?

There is a menu hiding under the 3 dots.
No menu with 3 dots ...

But forget it.
Maybe I will see all these menu if I am already an active member with a numbers of posts. New member will not able to do like that.
Not a big problem for me.

Back to topic, I will create a new thread to continue my problem with this asset kuid.
If you don’t have the options you are either on a too small screen in which case the options to edit (in my case) show up in a menu hidden under dots or you have a permission problem.
i just downloaded this asset. all i get is dust. i have played with the load numbers but still haven't seen any coal. is there something i can do to load long coal trains?
i a;so found this after totally failing with the coal loader 40. i changed the losd sixe and the game totally rejected it. ihad to get rid of it and redownload the asset. i have at one time been able to have this working but today not so much.
thanks for the help in advance.