Christmas Trains: What's your favorite? (can be real or fictional)


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Since it is Christmas, why don't we have a thread about Christmas Trains. Like the Polar Express, it's a good christmas train (and is my favorite).
Any Lionel train around the Christmas Tree. Plus The Polar Express is one of my favorite Christmas movies. And I've got the train set too, along with the Hot Chocolate Car, which came with a Polar Express ticket. But Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! is my favorite. My favorite Christmas comedy is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Also, I try to make my exterior Christmas better than last year. And this year is the best.
We usually run the ol' Pennsy 4-4-2 from my dad's aunt with a North Pole Central around the tree. I mishandled it back in the day and the cowcatcher broke.
haven ran it in years we use to run it around the tree now it sits on a self idle.
Funny enough, we used to have a regular christmas train that we had running around our tree. We had to get a new one each year, and in 2006, I decided instead of dishing 8-10 dollars on another christmas train that would break after we put it away, we'd just use my Thomas train. Even to this day (like right now) there is a Thomas train under the tree with track.
Lionel 252 with the 529 Pullmans and 530 observation. It may be from the 1920's, but it still runs like it's powered by rockets... (Really need to take pictures of it)
Just spent this morning putting up my Polar Express train around the tree. It took me about a total of two hours to do it. Somewhere between one to one and a half hours to set up the track and the remainder to iron out the bugs. My mom didn't want a train around the tree, but Lionel trains going around the Christmas tree is like peanut butter and jelly, they're meant to go together.
Speaking of the Polar Express, did you know I was in it? I was the blond-haired kid with the glasses which is a close image to what I really look like for those of you who know me on a personal basis.

The above stemmed from a joke my friends started when they watched the Polar Express in class and they immediately thought of me. I always tell them "at least I would've gotten the specs right".

Anyway, I think my favorite is the CP Holiday Train.
Were ya? :hehe:
Me and my folks went on Friday and we had a blast! Just hearing that Lima 5 Chime sent chills down my spine!
I have the Lionel legacy Berkshire with the polar express tender and coaches behind it under the tree.