change of membership problems


Recently I changed my membership from silver to trainz plus...Now a lot of my assets show missing dependancies with the message 'Packaged payware not active'..Does that mean anything I downloaded from the content vault is no longer mine?...I would have thought anything I downloaded while on silver membership would be mine to keep even if I did not renew any membership...
Sorry, that isn't the way that it worked. The silver membership only gave you authorization to use DLC packages as long as the membership is active. If you did not purchase the DLC items by paying in the Trainz Store for them then they are not authorized for use with just the Trainz Plus basic subscription. You would need to go to the Gold Membership to have access to non-purchased DLC again. Very confusing system in my opinion.
Thank You Wreeder...Silly idea in my opinion but nothing I can do I guess:mad:...Lucky I hadn't downloaded much and wont really miss it...Is there any way I can delete said items from content manager so I don't have a pile of red words taking up room?..They refuse to be deleted the normal way.. ..Thank you again..:confused:
You can not delete DLC content with CM. You will need to go to content store and uninstall the packages that you can not use. But they will not show in CM unless a route used them and they are saved in the config as missing.