Catenary/ Overhead wires


Happy new year all!

I am trying to locate catenary/overhead wires for my layout (protypical contempory QR regional).

In particular after the splines that allow the poles etc to be placed manually. I am using TC and so far have not found anything on the DLS that I find satisfactory. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Ah, a fellow brisbanite :) Welcome indeed - as for your question, if you have TRS2006 (as I do) it is possible, however highly unlikely to be supported by Auran, to bring the built-in content from 06 into TC. With a friends assistance, I managed to do just so, and have been reaping the benefits from it, but it is a fiddly and arduous process, fraught with the end user tearing one's hair out, but if done correctly, then its a real treat.
Yes! I know how to do that and have alot less hair as a result? However I am sure there is stuff on the DLS, just couldn't find it.