Can I get other peoples opinions?

So I was thinking, "I want a place to run my PRR locos." I was also thinking, "I need to get better at building Pennsylvania scenery (rolling, forested hills)" So here is what I came up with. Clone Mojave Sub, take most of the baseboards off so I have a stretch of track, change the scenery by using replace assets or by hand, add some industries and possibly a yard, and it is finished! What do you think of this idea?
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I suspect it will take more work to change the Mojave route to a Pennsylvania one than it would to start fresh.

I was thinking that. Check around to see if there is a DEM already made, perhaps one of fishlipsatwork's DEMs. A couple of other advantages are, if you ever think decide you want to do something more prototypical, you won't have to completely start over or be stuck with a "protofictional" route, as I call it. Also, if you ever decide to release it, you can. Plus, you'll have the option of basemaps to follow.
This was also the route I chose to make look eastern PRR, but I din't stay with it. Be interested in you're take. Ended up starting my own.
That definitely would be an awful amount of work converting something from the arid southern Great Plains in New Mexico and converting it to Mid-Eastern US. As has been suggested, you might want to look at some pre-made DEMs and adopt those, or even invest in TransDEM for about $35 US.

Given the rather ambitious nature of route building, having been stung myself, I suggest starting small. I don't mean a single baseboard, but maybe 10 or 12, or maybe 20, which is surely enough to test the waters. If you like what you are doing with the route, continue to expand it.

There are at least 2 DEM on the DLS. First one is the middle division from Harrisburg to Altoona. The second one is from Altoona to Johnstown Pittsburgh division.
I would agree with JCiton, start small and work up to what you like. As for DEMs , they to are a lot of work and I find to be incorrect in places of interest, making rail grades unrealistic in my opinion as to prototypical. If its just the feel of eastern rail, DEMs are good for free lance route building. my 2$
Can't you find a route to modify that more closely resembles Penn than Mojave? That would make it easier, I think.